Our Automation and Controls team excels in working to meet challenging and unique requirements for equipment and process automation.  We focus on understanding the equipment and process functions and factor in the client’s short and long term goals before beginning the design process.

Experience is the Key

Our team has many years of experience in implementing control system solutions in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries as well as web and sheet fed converting industries and numerous packaging systems. 

The Right Choice

We have experience implementing S88 style batch controls and have developed a strategic library of programming blocks and methodologies to insure quality and simplicity in both hardware and software design and development.  We can help you choose the right automation platform for your job or work inside your existing systems.  We are competent in most platforms including Rockwell Automation, Modicon and Siemens PAC/PLC, Rockwell Automation and WonderWare HMI platforms, data collection and reporting using Rockwell Microsoft SQL and Xcoupler.