Our Team

Alex Devries – Electrical Engineer and Programmer

Bringing years of experience in process automation and equipment controls, Alex joined ESC in 2014. His ability to understand and work with a variety of complex systems makes him a valuable asset. He received his B.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla. When Alex is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.

Andy Snider, PE – Chief Operating Officer

Andy’s professionalism and servant leadership in the management of large projects has prepared him for an expanded leadership role at ESC.  As COO, Andy is responsible for the operation of the company.  Andy combines his field experience with the ability to see projects through the lens of the client to provide superior service. Having cut his teeth in sanitary environments, Andy is often considered to be an expert in sanitary design by many clients. Andy also has an excellent reputation with clients contractors for providing clear direction and support on projects.
 A former pitcher at Evangel, Andy still loves baseball. He also enjoys photography and has a curious affinity for the Andy Griffith Show.

Brett Rose – Programmer and IT Specialist

Brett has more than 15 years of experience in the IT field. Having spent many years as an IT contractor, Brett has been involved in many different types of projects ranging from surveillance to virtualizing entire computer networks. Brett has a wide range of skills to allow him to tackle many different types of projects where technology is involved. With a background in computer programming, he has a great eye for the little details. Brett enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, computer gaming, and football during his free time.

Boyd Allen – Senior Engineering Technician

Boyd is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. When this is coupled with more than 10 years of experience as an engineering technician and draftsman, Boyd is a valuable resource to ESC. As one-half of the ESC band “Seismograph”, his skill on the guitar is only surpassed by his skill in CAD. Boyd is also a voracious reader who enjoys discussions on philosophy and religion.

Calvin Roebuck – Programmer

Calvin graduated from Drury University in 2015 with a bachelors in Physics and is currently pursuing an electrical engineering degree at Missouri S&T through the cooperative engineering program at Missouri State. Calvin enjoys working on machines and learning how things work. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with family.

Charles Hawkins, EIT – Mechanical 

Charles joined ESC in 2015 with previous experience in engineering and management in the asphalt and aggregate industry.  He brings a common sense approach to projects and is always looking for improvements.  Charles received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla.  When he isn’t working he enjoys exploring the wonders of the outdoors with his family or tinkering in his garage on any number of DIY projects.

Derek Bloom – Electrical Engineer

Derek graduated from Missouri S&T in the spring of 2016 with his BS in Electrical Engineering.  Derek has previously spent time in the manufacturing sector working with automated systems and on various industrial electrical systems with electricians in the field.  When not at work he enjoys spending time with his wife and boys, doing projects around the house, cooking/grilling, and being active outdoors with friends and family.

Gene Bybee, PE – Retired President

Gene founded ESC back in 1989. ESC’s strong culture of service and family originate from Gene’s personal philosophy and more importantly from the way he treats his family, employees and clients. He regularly tells everyone in the office that they are a “Vice President of ESC” with the power to serve the client in the best way possible. Gene has an encyclopedia of knowledge and a teacher’s heart.
Gene retired a few years ago, but keeps very busy providing his expertise to a variety of charities including the Pregnancy Care Center.

Heather Ruble, PE – Project Manager Civil

Heather is a person who simply gets it done. A graduate of University of Missour-Rolla and with more than 10 years of experience in civil engineering, she brings expertise in stormwater conveyance and detention basin design to ESC.  Exhibiting a great work ethic and personal drive, she recently joined our structural team and expanded her design experience in both concrete and steel structures. Willing to help out wherever needed, Heather is an integral part of the ESC marketing team and safety program. When she isn’t working, she enjoys showing horses at the NRHA and AQHA level and raising Scottish Highland Cattle. Heather also has a strange ability to accurately estimate distances without the use of a tape measure.

Jacob Rosenbaum, EIT – Electrical

Jacob is a recent graduate of the electrical engineering program at Missouri S&T.   Jacob has previous experience as an electrician working on industrial projects, and he enjoys hunting, golfing, spending time with his two boys, and going out with his wife.

Jason McCullough, PE – Project Manager Mechanical

Jason joined ESC after working in the munitions industry and also in the fabrication industry.  With experience in ASME calculations and ventilation design, Jason brings thoroughness and expertise to every project.  He is known in the office as someone who will quickly step up to help out in a crisis.  He has also been sited near the scene of several office practical jokes, although he has yet to be implicated.

Jim Black – Vice President – Marketing 

Jim’s vast knowledge of industrial companies in our region and nationally allows him to select potential clients for ESC that are an excellent fit for our capabilities.  Jim has over 30 years of experience in designing, constructing, and commissioning electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic control systems for many industries, including food and beverage, appliance, automotive, electrical, plastics, rubber, wastewater treatment and animal feed. Jim also has extensive experience in management and sales and is relied upon heavily in Southwest Missouri as the go-to guy for VFD questions. In his free time, Jim enjoys hiking, landscaping, carpentry, computers, and music.  In May of 2016, Jim completed the hike to Mt. Everest base camp!

Joel Harris, EIT  – Structural

Joel is a graduate from Missouri S&T utilizing the cooperative education program at Missouri State.  Joel has experience as a carpenter.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, as well as fly fishing, hunting, hiking, gardening, running, and having a good laugh.

Korey Holiday – Engineer-Electrical

Korey graduated from Missouri S&T in the fall of 2015 with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  He previously spent time in the Bio-pharmaceutical industry designing power and control systems for Bioreactors.  When not at work, Korey enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing in a worship band, computer gaming, and hunting and fishing.

Kyle Kennard – Senior Engineering Technician

Kyle combines CAD experience, extreme attention to detail, and a great sense of humor to ESC.  His knowledge of the CAD and documentation standards of many ESC clients often exceeds the knowledge of the clients themselves.  He ensures that drawings that leave ESC are clear, concise, and meet client requirements, a fact that has been noted by many clients and contractors.  A natural coach, Kyle finds ways to connect with people and spread his knowledge. A huge Chiefs fan, Kyle wears his love of football on his sleeve.  He is known to work out in his home exercise area, which he calls the “house of pain”.  When asked for input on biographical information on coworkers, Kyle delivered a 10 minute improvised routine that left us all laughing on the floor.

Lori Hickle – Office Manager

From answering phones to assisting engineers with technical analysis, Lori does it all and she does it all very well.  She is a big part of the “glue” that holds the ESC family together.  Known as being the friendly voice on the phone or the friendly face at the front desk, Lori helps serve ESC clients.  She is also an great resource for ESC employees managing a variety of countless tasks including managing the project database, office workflow, and serving as a member on the marketing team.

Matt Haseltine, PE – Project Engineer Mechanical

Matt joined ESC in 2012 with experience in mechanical equipment design for the pharmaceutical and food process industries. Matt is a graduate from the University of Missouri – Columbia with a Mechanical Engineering degree and a minor in Mathematics. Matt’s abilities include 3D equipment design, manufacturing and fabrication expertise, and stress, strain, and fatigue analysis. Matt is a hardworking, detail oriented engineer and his personal motto is “Man’s accomplishments are bound only by imagination.”

Mike McKinnis, PE – Vice President Mechanical

Mike has been working in manufacturing for over 30 years and his experience is extensive.  With more than 10 years of experience in custom steel fabrication and over 15 years experience as an Engineering Manager for a manufacturer, he has a wealth of knowledge which he can share with his co-workers and with his clients.  Mike has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla.

Mike Suter –  Mechanical Engineer and Programmer

Mike has more than 20 years of experience as a mechanical engineer, controls programmer, and start-up engineer.  Mike has worked at a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer and in the wooden barrel and flooring industry.  During that time, Mike worked on capital projects that range from reworking existing lines to white sheet designs that were taken from concept to design, in house fabrication, installation, start-up, and support while in production. Mike has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University in Missouri – Columbia. Mike enjoys outdoor activities, boating, and watersports on the wonderful lakes in the Southwest Missouri area, aviation, as well as trying to keep up with his two daughters in all of their extracurricular school activities, sports, and 4-H.

Nghiep Tram – Senior Engineering Technician

Nghiep conveys a quiet demeanor while surprising folks with his subtle sense of humor.  He is one of the best civil engineering technicians around.  Nghiep is notorious for being able to find a solution to any type of problem, including reading manuals on how to fix his personal vehicle.  He is a huge asset to ESC’s civil and structural engineering department and is known as the “go-to” man.  Mistakes are hard to find in his quick and efficient CAD work.

Norm Kirsch, PE – Vice President Structural

Norm has been an engineer for more than 30 years and brings a straightforward, no fuss approach for his clients.  His practical, hands-on experience coupled with his knowledge of design culminates in an ability to deliver quick design solutions to clients in the field.  With a B.S. in Civil Engineering from California State University – Sacramento and a brief stint into the field of architecture, Norm knows the industry. Norm is also a devoted family man who volunteers with the Royal Rangers.  A regular outdoor enthusiast, he also uses his engineering background to support Pinewood Derby races.

Pam Huffman – CAD Technician

Electrical drawing packages are known for having LOTS of drawings.  Fortunately for ESC, Pam can kick out a lot of prints with a sprinter’s speed. Since joining ESC in 1997, she has been the go-to person for electrical drawings.  She has also become familiar with our clients documentation management systems and guides others in the office.  When not drafting, Pam spends her time keeping up with the lives of her grown kids.  Despite being happily married, Pam is a huge fan of Peyton and Eli Manning.

Richard Long –  Vice President Controls/Automation

Richard came to ESC after many years as a technician with a large manufacturer.  An expert in controls, Richard knows how to make things work.  Having spent much of his career having to operate a lot of the equipment he worked on, he programs with careful consideration of the operation, maintenance, and efficiency of the process.  He is an expert in PLC systems as well as plant networking and utility systems.  Richard is an avid handgun enthusiast.

Ricky Strausbaugh – Process/Mechanical Engineer and Programmer

Ricky is hybrid of a mechanical engineer (B.S. from North Carolina State in 1992) and an electrical engineer with extensive process knowledge and programming experience.  He truly ‘does it all’ for his clients, many of whom consider him an expert in their processes and defer to him for questions.  Ricky began with ESC back in 1996. Ricky often exists on only 3-4 hours of sleep per night, which might be explained by the quantity of Dr. Pepper he consumes in an average day.

Ruthie Bybee – Finance Director

With a “mother’s” touch, Ruthie keeps the office on track and ensures a good flow of projects in the earliest and latest stages.  Her passion for organizing social events within the company has helped ESC to develop its culture of family.  Ruthie manages many of the business functions within ESC including billing and payroll.

Scott Bybee, PE – President and CEO

Scott is a true servant-leader with a tremendous passion not only for engineering, but also for the employees at ESC and our clients.  He frequently talks in the office about “over-serving” clients and each other and then leads by example.  A graduate of the University of Missouri-Rolla with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Scott has extensive experience in packaging and machine design.  He even holds a patent (U.S. patent 6,260,231) for an air knife drying system for cleaning printed circuit boards.  Having served as a project manager for ESC for many years before succeeding his father as President of the company, Scott knows the business.  Some of Scott’s other passions include helping others to find “Financial Peace” through the teachings of Dave Ramsey and helping advocate for generosity in the Springfield community.

Steve Davis, PE – Project Manager Mechanical

Steve utilizes his strong technical skills along with a great attention to detail to deliver the best solutions for his clients.   He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla and more than 10 years of experience in engineering consulting.  Having extensive start-up experience, Steve’s capabilities extend into excellent field knowledge of electrical engineering and PLC programming to compliment his knowledge of mechanical processes. Steve is an avid hunter and fisherman and  applies his tendency for detail to those hobbies.   He also enjoys spending outdoor time with his family.

Ted Pridgen – Project Manager

New to the ESC team, but with over 25 years of Industrial Manufacturing experience (yep, he’s getting old) across many different platforms in the Food Industry, Ted brings a breadth of knowledge of plant manufacturing, maintenance and engineering processes to the ESC family.  Ted has a BS in economics from MSU (huh?) along with minors in mathematics and industrial technology (oh, okay, we get it now).  He enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife Kathy on their hobby farm thinking of new projects to enhance their enjoyment of the property.

Thomas Batson – Engineering Technician

Thomas comes to ESC with experience in automation, controls, and electrical design.  He has an Associates Degree in Automation and Instrumentation and a BS in Business Administration.  He has a technical aptitude and enjoys looking for new ways to improve processes or designs both personally and professionally, as well the research involved in making things work.  Thomas is a proud father and husband and he likes spending time with his family.  He also enjoys the outdoors (camping, hiking, dirt biking, and going the local rivers/lakes) and likes to use his talents to help others through a variety of different volunteer services from Big Brothers Big Sisters to the Aging Services.

Wanda Strausbaugh – CAD Technician

Wanda brings a wide variety of creative talents to ESC and uses those talents to serve clients and ESC in a variety of ways.  With strong CAD skills and attention to detail, Wanda performs drafting for Electrical and Architectural drawings.  She has even been known to utilize CAD to help design quilt patterns.

Wendy Broome –  CAD Technician

Wendy is the master scheduler for the CAD department and spends a lot of her time keeping the engineers on track for delivering projects on time.  Despite the fact that her “favorite engineer” changes several times within a day, she works very well with everybody.  A star pupil of Kyle’s from Vatterot College, she specializes in creating P&ID drawings. According to the CAD department, Wendy was very quiet when she first started at ESC, but has since opened up and asserts herself on a regular basis, especially when the lunch crew is heading out to one of our local restaurants.

Willy Strausbaugh – Controls/Automation Technician

Willy likes to know how things work. He couples this desire with his programming and startup experience to serve his clients with operator friendly design.  Joining his brother, Ricky, at ESC in 2000, Willy brings experience with a variety of control systems along with a unique laugh and impeccable manners. Willy met his wife, Wanda, while working at ESC.  He enjoys shooting pistols and playing video games in his spare time.