A Divine Coincidence

The Dream Center of Springfield is one of our favorite community organizations and they happen to be our neighbor – just across Atlantic Street.  Earlier this year our accounting team made a discovery that meant we had extra funds available.  Our team decided to give a nice portion of it to the Dream Center.  When several ESC team members delivered the “extra” check, Jody Glazner, the Executive Director of the Dream Center, told us about an accounting situation that left them way short of the funds they needed for the month.  Jody knew that raising these funds would be difficult, but she advised the team “well, we can cry and cuss or we can pray and trust”.  Just two days before we delivered the check, she had placed a post-it note on her way to pray for the EXACT amount that on the check that ESC delivered.  Needless to say, it was an emotional day for everyone and we were thrilled to play a role in what we don’t believe was a coincidence at all.

Mark Kelly