Our Work Speaks For Itself

We are always excited about new projects and clients here at ESC. We have been working with a new client for about seven to eight months, and recently were given some unsolicited feedback.


The scope of our project was to convert a warehouse into a processing plant for some of their main products. This project is being installed in multiple phases, and we have just completed the process of commissioning and start-up production on the first phase. This has been a great project for ESC, one where we have been able to provide engineering design (Structural, Mechanical, Process, Electrical Power, Controls and Automation), and a lot of the equipment as well.  We have been able to team up with this new client, partnering with contractors, and equipment vendors to design and install a new processing plant. 

This past week, one of the owners and developers of this product came to town to see the initial run of product on the equipment. The initial run was a huge success. These owners, as well as the local staff, were very impressed and complimentary of our team. In our conversations during this initial run, the owners and PhD developers behind the product, were extremely complimentary of the installation and functionality of the system installed. Even more, they were incredibly impressed by how well our team was working on getting the process running. Everyone involved was willing to do whatever was needed to make the initial run go smoothly, and that was evident to our client.  
They were also impressed that our engineering team was working so closely with our automation team to make these things work. Our intentionality of using this model so that our engineers and automation group have the experience of working together on our designs, satisfaction of seeing them come to life, and opportunity to learn from each one was recognized here and throughout our hard work on this project. Simply put, this project highlighted our ESC team living out our core value of Serving Selflessly. When each ESC member expresses this core value in correlation with our business model, our work speaks for itself.
We are by no means complete with the design, but off to a good start. It’s always great to have unsolicited feedback from clients and affirmation that our core values help our work stand out.

Scott Bybee