A Note From Our Summer Intern, Colleen Brake

Many times this summer I was asked by family and friends what I was doing for the summer. I repeated the same answer every time, “I am working for a small consulting firm in Springfield called ESC Consulting Engineers.” We all know what the next question is, “What do they do?” But my answer to that question varied each time. The only consistent part of that answer was, “They serve.” And that could not be a more accurate statement of the mentality that everyone at ESC has; they serve. They serve their clients. They serve their coworkers. They serve their community.
Another reason that answer varied is because each time I was asked, I was doing something different from the previous time I had to answer. I was truly blessed in the number of projects I got to help with, along with the variety of clients I was able to interact with. Also, from project to project, I played a different role. Often times, when talking with fellow students, they would inform me that they did the same thing every single day. That works for some people, but not for me, and that is one of the many reasons I loved my time at ESC. I was continually learning something new. The best part about it is that the coworkers were so willing to help teach me. Even if they were swamped they took a short break from whatever they were doing to help me. That is what I mean when I say that they serve their coworkers. No matter what they are going through, they try to help one another succeed. 
I have absolutely loved my internship at ESC. Coming from a small town and growing up in a Christian environment, I could not have felt more at home. It truly feels like a family at ESC, and I am thankful I got to become a part of that family. ESC is like no other company I have ever worked for or even heard of. They care about every single person they interact with and want to help in any way they can. It was hard to go back to school for my last semester, but I am already planning on visiting anytime I am in the area. They can’t get rid of me that easily.

Mark Kelly