3D Scanning Continues to Transform ESC’s Business

One of the many things that sets ESC apart is the use of 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling. The accuracy of the field measurements, combined with the 360° view images, allows us to tackle projects in remote locations with full confidence. By combining the scanned data with 3D models of new equipment, we can work on designs in a 3D environment, so our clients can clearly see what the project will look like in a visually accurate model of their facility. This improves understanding during design reviews which increases the likelihood of a successful project.

From concept to reality, 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling uses transformative technology that makes data and images available anytime, anywhere, saves money, and reduces errors—all things that result in a better project for our clients. We are able to use the accurate and scalable measurements imported into other software design packages to expedite the design process. Additionally, 3D visualization of the designs dramatically improves communication and collaboration in meetings, both in person and in remote web-based meetings.

ESC has used the 3D scanning process on dozens of projects now and are thrilled with the results. In the words of the Engineering Director for one of our major clients; “Thanks for making us look good!” That kind of feedback tells us that our new 3D approach is working well for our clients, giving us the project results we seek.

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Scott Bybee