ESC Consulting Engineers

Turnkey Construction

In response to our client’s repeated requests, we began offering turnkey construction services in 2014. We work with trusted equipment suppliers and contractors to make sure our client’s projects go smoothly. With our engineering background, the details do not get overlooked. In addition, our project management experience keeps projects on track.

Turnkey Construction FAQ

Do you build buildings?

No, typically we provide turnkey products for equipment such as pumps, skids, tanks, control panels, etc. In addition, we can provide turnkey services for new production lines that consist of equipment from multiple suppliers.

Who do you use as sub-contractors?

We have good relationships with several contractors that we have successfully worked with for many years. Part of the development of a turnkey project would be identifying the needed trades, deadlines, etc., and selecting the contractors based on their strengths and abilities to deliver quality results on schedule.

What are the advantages to using ESC for turnkey construction?

Our firm has cultivated over 28 years of experience working on projects for industrial, food process, and pharmaceutical plants. We execute projects with short-term deadlines and long-term performance in mind. At ESC, We plan the entire project around each client’s needs, and we fully control the design, installation, commissioning, and startup of the project.